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The City of Belfast and the sport of boxing have always been intrinsically linked. From the old school gyms giving our youth somewhere to belong; the incredible athletes, who’ve fighting in their blood, and the passionate, adoring fans, boxing is engrained in the soul of this city…Fight City.

This year however, Belfast has been starved of the top level shows it deserves. The incredible success and popularity of Belfast’s top boxers has seen many of them fight across the water and has left Belfast short on fighters to build big events around.

For this reason, we cannot wait for tonight’s card. A mix of established talent and young up and coming prospects make the event at Belfast’s iconic Europa Hotel a must see for any boxing fan.

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of catching up with a young boxer who is looking to get back in the ring and impress after a relatively long layoff. 24 year old fan favourite ‘Fearless’ Feargal McCrory is all set to make waves on this local show and use it as a springboard to propel him on to bigger things.

Here’s what Feargal had to say…

You’re on weight and a day away from your first fight in around 8 months. So can you let us know just how you’re feeling heading into this one?

I feel great, I feel energised and excited about getting back into the ring. It’s been a long time coming.

You’ve had a lot of time off to train and refine your skills. As a young competitor, time in the gym to learn is bound to be crucial. Do you think you are coming into this bout as a more skilled boxer than the one that we have seen previously?

I will leave that up to the audience and my supporters to make the judgment on that but one thing I know for certain is that myself and John Breen are starting to understand each other more and more which can only be a good thing.

How has your training gone over the past few months? We have been hearing great things coming out of the gym but how have you been finding it?

I know it sounds like a bit of a cliché as every fighter says every camp has been their best, but without question I’ve had a terrific camp and now it’s about executing it all tonight.

Unfortunately you’ve had a last minute opponent change. Does this change anything about your final few days of training or do you just focus on your own abilities?

It’s something unfortunate but something I try never to let affect me. As professional boxers it’s part and parcel of the sport, in my eyes I still have the same challenge lying a head.

You come into this fight undefeated in your first two pro bouts with one KO and one points win. Is this fight just about getting rounds under your belt and building experience or is the plan to go out and make a statement?

I don’t really plan on taking someone out, if it comes it comes. However it is, I will get the result, I am aiming to excite people. I have amazing support coming down as I always do and I want every single person to enjoy their night.

You’re on one of the few boxing cards to take place in Belfast this year. With the fans being starved of action are you excited to get out there and soak up, what will undoubtedly be an incredible atmosphere?

Yes, I’m always excited. Again my support is through the roof for this fight. Everyone was telling me after my last fight that I had the most support, we made the most noise and I know it’ll all be the same again. I’m only doing 4 rounds and I’m on 2nd last, what does that tell you?

Finally, what does the future hold for you? We understand that fighters don’t like to look past their next fight but do you have a plan in mind for the coming year and goals that you want to accomplish as your career progresses?

I want a title next year and I’ll take a fight with anyone. I want the WBO European or a title like that. I let John decide these things and handle my career but we both have ambitions and targets that we believe we can achieve, let’s see how the story unfolds.

Feargal is joined by bill topper Paul Hyland Jnr, Scotland’s Ronnie Clark, Tyrone McCullagh and many more at the Europa Hotel later tonight, with doors opening at 6.45PM.


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